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JCM & ICT Bill Validators Upgrade (Accepts new Canadian bills)


New Canadian $5, $10, and $20 polymer bills can now be accepted by JCM and ICT bill validators, through an inexpensive upgrade provided by Vend Systems Technical and Support. JCM and ITC bill validators are commonly found in Seaga, Genesis and Purco vendors. 



Bring your validators for upgrading to our Edmonton location (5967 - 103a Street NW, Edmonton Alberta T6H 2J7) or call us if you would like your equipment updated on site. If you choose to bring your validator to our service department, please call us in advance to ensure staff is available to provide you wit service upon your arrival.


We do accept bill validators sent via freight or parcel post, at our service department located at the above noted address, provided a "Service Authorization Request Number" (SAR) is referenced with the shipment. To obtain this SAR's reference number call us at (780) 905-7828 or (780) 452-4911


Programming upgrades within our shop are priced at $88 (cdn) per validator plus G.S.T.. Additional service charges may apply for off site service.


 For more information call me, Harvey Bartzen at (780) 905-7829 or (780) 452-4911.