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Coin Mechanisms


We service and supply coin mechanisms and bill validators.


All vending machines that accept coins use a component called a coin mechanism (also known as: validators, coin acceptors, coin mechs or change giving coin mechs).


Coin mechanisms range from simple mechanical devices to advanced electronic systems capable of real-time auditing and self-diagnosis. They typically allow vending machines to: validate coins, give change, accept different coin-sets or tokens etc. However, please note that validators and coin acceptors do not have a change giving facility.


It is essential that machine payment system protocol is known prior to purchase to ensure the right model is specified to ensure communication with your machines. Our most widely supplied protocol systems are Mulit-Drop Bus (MDB) interfaces. We also supply systems with Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces for more sophisticated vending machines or kiosks (often PC based).


We rent, repair, install, re- program, and sell new or refurbished coin mechs (with warranty) for a wide range of vending machines.


Banknote readers (often known as bill acceptors) are also serviced, and supplied.




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