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Preventative Maintenance for Vending Machines


 Being proactive regarding the care and maintenance of your vending investments will ensure maximum return on your investment.

Having only qualified technicians servicing your machines will give you peace of mind, while ensuring that the job is done right the first time.

Mistakes and omissions while attempting to implement a preventative maintenance program for your vending machines may cause costly malfunctions an void the manufacturer's warranty.



" Vend Systems Technical and Support " advantage is a preventative maintenance service call that:


  1. Cleans cabinet interior and mechanisms.
  2. Cleans cabinet exterior.
  3. Removes and cleans the condensation drain.
  4. Removes and cleans the refrigeration intake screen.
  5. Pulls the refrigeration unit and cleans the rear exhaust screen.
  6. Removes the cover assembly and cleans the condenser coil of the refrigeration unit.
 Manufacturers Recommend
  • monthly cleaning of the cabinet interior and exterior
  • every sixty days cleaning of the refrigeration intake screen
  • every six months cleaning of the condenser coil and rear exhaust fan.
Consider the advantages of pre booking, preventative maintenance appointments for your vending machines. Contact us today for this essential service.
Did you know that many manufacturers of vending machines will void the unit's warranty if there's a failure to keep the condenser coil clean and free of dirt and other debris.
Many common vending malfunctions: product jams, overheating, and machine power outages have been know to be caused by dirt and debris
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